About By Rhona Family

Three Generations of .R.

Here’s a summary of who are the 3 generation of •R• 👇🏻

✨Senior •R• is REEM who loves to always be in, up to date in everything and doesn’t give up until she achieves her goals! She is a grandma for 5 kids.

✨Junior •R• is RAWYA (Rhona’s mom) who is an Economics graduate, has an architectural background, loves all types of design in life and she’s a mom of 3 kids!

✨Youngest •R• is RHONA, who started  @by_rhona & @By_Rhona_Home_Touch with her creativity, passion, ambition and kindness! She was in grade 6 and has loads of work for school!

🤍Everything is made with LOVE by the 3 generation of •R• who always believe in ✨GIVING✨